Patrons Scheme

The Longridge Band would like to thank all of our personal patrons for their support, and hope that we can count on their continued generosity, which is very much appreciated. Our personal patrons scheme is from just £30 per year. All of the band members are also patrons of the band. 

If you are interested in becoming a patron, please see our Become a Patron page.

Mr G Anderton
Mr C Andrews
Mrs H Ashton
Mr M Ashton
Mrs E Bagot
Mr G Balson
Mr M Balson
Mrs M Bamber
Mrs R Barry
Mr & Mrs J Barton
Miss C Bimson
Mr E Billington
Mrs J Blackwell
Mr T Blackburn
Mr T Bond
Mr & Mrs S Bowes
Mrs S Brierley
Mrs M Brown
Mr S Brown
Mrs A Catterall
Charmisma (Ms T McCoomb)
Miss H Clark
Dr J Clark
Mrs J Clegg
Mrs A Cliff
Mrs E Coar
Mr H Coar
Mr & Mrs A Cowell
Mr & Mrs D Coulston
Mrs M Cussans
Mr P Cutler
Mr J Darbyshire
Mr & Mrs R Davies
Mrs M Davis
Mr C Dawson
Mr J Dickinson
Mr & Mrs J Eastham
Mrs M Eastham
Mrs M Edwards
Mr A Ellis
Mr NM Evans
Mr D Farmery
Mr J Farmery
Mr & Mrs R Fitch
Mr DP Ford
Mr J Ford
Mr A Fordham
Mrs E Fordham
Mr W Fordham
Mr & Mrs D Fox
Mrs K Garside
Mr M Goodrum
Mrs J Gresty
Mrs C Gunnell
Mr D Gunnell
Mr & Mrs D Halsall
Miss K Hargreaves
Mrs E Hayhurst
Mr P Helvin
Ms E Hemingway
Mr & Mrs RJ Hempton
Mr D Hicks
Mr B Hill
Mrs J Hill
Rev E Hodgkiss
Miss G Holden

Mr & Mrs L Ingham
Johnson & Swarbrick
Mr H Jones
Mrs P Jones
Miss R Keefe
Mr B Law
Mrs S Lawson
Mrs M Lehmann
Mrs J Lindon
Ms M Lister
Mr S Lister
Mr F Little
Mrs D Little
Mr P Littlehales
Mr & Mrs D Lovatt
Mr P MacGlashan
P Mc Mellon
Mr K Mann
Mrs H Marle Collis
Mrs E Martin
Mrs V Martin-Warren
Miss J Minton
Mr P Morley
Mrs B Murrant
Mr G Nelson
Mr D L Newby
Miss G Newby
Mrs S M Newby
Mr S Ogden
Mrs L Ogden
Mr N Outhwaite
Mr & Mrs B Parkinson
Mr & Mrs T Paynter
Mrs M Peacock
Mrs M Peacock
Mrs A Peacock
Mrs J Pearson
Mrs B Piercy
Miss M Procter
Mrs S Raisbeck
S Rainford
Mr L Redpath
Mrs E Rhodes
Mrs M Riding
Mrs M Roberts
Mrs B Robinson
Mrs V Robinson
Mrs M Rogers
Mr & Mrs H Roscoe
Mr D Sewell
Mrs A Simpson
Mr M Slator
Mr & Mrs D Smith
Mrs D Swarbrick
Mrs K Swarbrick
Mr RN Swarbrick
Mr Rupert Swarbrick
Mrs L Taylor
Mr R Thomson
T & J Unsworth
Mr J J Wharton
Mr A White
R White
Mrs J Whitworth
Miss M Wilkinson
Mrs B Willan
Mrs D Woods


Please contact us if your name is spelt incorrectly or you believe your name is missing from this list.